Introducing DrivenData

As we begin launching our first competitions, we thought it would be a good idea to lay out what exactly we're trying to do and why.

If your goal is to change the future, it helps to have really good predictions about what that future looks like.

And there are a lot of people interested in changing the future. Amazon wants to increase the number of goods you order through their site, so they predict which ones you might want to buy next and when. Twitter wants to boost your use of their platform, so they predict which tweets you will ignore and which you will engage with. Facebook and Google want to increase the number of ads you click …

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Beta launch!

Today we're excited to launch our beta testing phase, thanks for visiting us as we sand some rough edges in preparation for big things to come.

We're happy to present the first friendly competition, a really interesting data science problem based on data from the World Bank.

Feel free to sign up for an account and dig in!

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