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We help mission-driven organizations harness their data to work smarter, offer more impactful services, and use machine intelligence to its fullest potential.

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Broad experience, deep impact

We bring the expertise to get the most out of data, and the experience to build simple solutions that work.

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What we do

Holistic data assessment & planning

What can you do with your data? We conduct top to bottom inventories of data sources and systems to identify strengths, challenges, and opportunities — all with an eye to your core objectives.

Predictive modeling & statistical analysis

We use battle-tested mathematical analysis techniques to help you carry out your mission more effectively in a resource constrained environment. We know that overly complicated solutions can be hard to support, so we’ll find the most robust and maintainable approach to help you make better decisions.

Rapid development & prototyping

We have deep roots in software engineering. We build quickly and iteratively, working closely with your team to design modern web applications and streamlined data processing systems that can connect data sources, test new ideas, and quickly deliver solutions to the field.

Dynamic visualization & data-driven storytelling

Using data to drive understanding means taking it out of tables. We work with modern tools to visualize data in a way that illuminates what’s going on underneath. Whether automating dashboards from streaming metrics or developing interactive, web-based figures that enable users to explore their own questions further, we help our partners tell stories through data.

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The problem of getting started

Something we hear all the time: “I get that my data can help me. I’m just not sure exactly what the next steps should be.” There is plenty of talk about how data is changing what organizations can do. The question is not whether there’s opportunity. The question is what concrete steps can my organization take, now, to realize that potential. The organizations that don’t will quickly fall behind.

This is what we do

We know that bringing in outside help can add time and worry to an already packed plate. And we know the relief when someone brings needed expertise and gets the job done right. At DrivenData, we have years of experience working closely with our clients to define the right scope for their goals. We work thoughtfully to minimize the burden on our partners and deliver well-designed, accessible solutions that your team will be able to maintain after the project is finished.

Turn your business goals into a data science project

Do you have a vision for what’s possible with the right team? We know that good data scientists are hard to find and can be hard to manage if you don’t know what to expect. We provide the technical expertise and manage effective data science projects end-to-end. We work flexibly with our partners to translate business goals into the project scope and technical approach that’s the best fit for their needs and their budget.

Data science competitions

For the thorniest predictive modeling problems — particularly those involving social impact and where public awareness is an objective — we can take the problem solving global. Our crowdsourcing platform enables thousands of data scientists all over the world to compete in finding the very best mathematical models, often pushing solutions to the theoretical boundary between signal and noise. These models can then be operationalized for use on the front lines.

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Need to run a competition with your own style, branding, or on your own servers? Get in touch.

Meet the Team

Peter Bull

Data science and engineering

Peter holds a master's in Computational Science and Engineering from Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. He previously worked as a software engineer at Microsoft and earned a BA in philosophy from Yale University where he met Greg.

Christine Chung

Senior Data Scientist
Data science and engineering

Christine holds a master's in Computational Analysis and Public Policy from the University of Chicago, where she served as a Mayoral Fellow with the City of Chicago. She previously worked as a data scientist and machine learning engineer for Meetup. She earned her BA in Social Thought and Political Economy from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Emily Dorne

Lead Data Scientist
Data science and engineering

Emily holds a master's in International Development from The New School and a data science certificate from Metis. She previously worked at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Stanford Center for International Development, and Brookings Institution. She graduated summa cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis.

Robert Gibboni

Senior Data Scientist
Data science and engineering

Robert holds a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of California, Berkeley. He previously worked on experimental and computational approaches to brain decoding from functional magnetic resonance imaging data. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Arizona in 2009.

Chris Kucharczyk

Senior Data Scientist
Data science and engineering

Chris holds a B.S. in Physics with Honors and Distinction from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in Materials Science from the California Institute of Technology where he studied solid oxide fuel cell catalysts. Prior to DrivenData, Chris worked at IDEO and at the intersection of data science and human-centered design.

Greg Lipstein

Business development

Greg holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. He has previous experience working as a management consultant at Bain & Company and in market development at green-tech startup Blu Homes. Greg served with Teach for America for two years, after graduating summa cum laude from Yale University in 2008.

Hannah Moshontz
de la Rocha

Senior Program Manager
Program management

Hannah holds a PhD in Psychology from Duke University and received postdoctoral training at the University of Wisconsin Madison. She has led and managed behavioral science research projects at the Center for Open Science and the Psychological Science Accelerator, and previously worked as a data scientist at Hunt Club. She holds a BA in Psychology from Reed College.

Jay Qi

Lead Data Scientist
Data science and engineering

Jay holds a master's in Mechanical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology, where he studied computational fluid dynamics and optimal flow control. Before DrivenData, he was a lead data scientist at Uptake, where he used machine learning to predict failures of industrial machines. He earned a B.S.E. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University.

Mike Schlauch

Data Scientist
Data science and engineering

Mike holds a master's in International Business from Tufts University. He was previously the Head of Research at CargoMetrics, a maritime data science company, where he led their quantitative finance team. Prior to that he worked with the Clinton Foundation in Papua New Guinea and West Africa. He earned his BA in English and East Asian Studies from Northwestern University in 2005.

Isha Shah

Data Scientist
Data science and engineering

Isha holds bachelor's degrees in Neuroscience and Economics from Barnard College and is currently pursuing her master's degree in Computer Science at Columbia University. She previously worked as a research analyst at the Brookings Institution on local economic and workforce development and in the antitrust division of NERA Economic Consulting.

Isaac Slavitt

Data science and engineering

Isaac holds a master's in Computational Science and Engineering from Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. He holds a BS in Operations Research from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, and spent seven years as a Coast Guard officer serving in a variety of operational and quantitative roles.

Katie Wetstone

Data Scientist
Data science and engineering

Katie holds a Master of Development Practice from the University of California, Berkeley, where she focused on data science for social good. Previously she worked with the Human Rights Campaign, Americorp’s American Conservation Experience, and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. She earned a BA in chemistry with high honors from Harvard University in 2015.

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