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We help mission-driven organizations harness their data to work smarter, offer more impactful services, and use machine intelligence to its fullest potential.

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AI strategy and project scoping

We help you understand what is possible with advances in data science and AI, define what is actually worth doing, and scope the right approach for your goals.

Data analysis and machine learning

We use best practices in data science to pull together data sources for analysis, develop and evaluate machine learning approaches, and synthesize results. We deliver well-designed, accessible solutions that have a real-world impact.

Data engineering and application development

We have deep roots in software engineering. We build quickly and iteratively, working closely with your team to design data engineering infrastructure, modern web applications, and API services that are user-focused and developer-friendly.

Data science competitions

Our competition platform channels the skills and passion of 100,000+ data scientists, researchers, and other quantitative experts to build solutions for social good. Competitions engage a large expert community, connect participants with real-world data problems, and open-source the best solutions.

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