DrivenData On The Air: Of Checklists, Ethics, and Data

by Emily Dorne, Peter Bull

Of Checklists, Ethics, and Data with Emily Dorne and Peter Bull

Podcast.__init__ is the podcast about Python and the people who make it great. In episode 184, DrivenData's own Emily Dorne and Peter Bull sit down with host Tobias Macey to discuss our open source project deon.

As data science becomes more widespread and has a bigger impact on the lives of people, it is important that those projects and products are built with a conscious consideration of ethics. Keeping ethical principles in mind throughout the lifecycle of a data project helps to reduce the overall effort of preventing negative outcomes from the use of the final product. Emily Dorne and Peter Bull of Driven Data have created Deon to improve the communication and conversation around ethics among and between data teams. It is a Python project that generates a checklist of common concerns for data oriented projects at the various stages of the lifecycle where they should be considered. In this episode they discuss their motivation for creating the project, the challenges and benefits of maintaining such a checklist, and how you can start using it today.