Interview with Concept to Clinic contributor Serhiy Shekhovtsov (@Serhiy-Shekhovtsov)

This week, we had an e-chat to learn more about Concept to Clinic challenge contributor Serhiy Shekhovtsov (@Serhiy-Shekhovtsov).

Picture of Serhiy

Hi Serhiy, who are you and what do you do professionally?

I am a self-taught programmer from Lviv, Ukraine. Have been working as a full stack software developer for more then 8 years. Co-founder of ShortPoint - successful startup supported by Silicon Oasis Founders and 500 Startups accelerators.

What is your experience working with data science or engineering projects?

I have broad experience in software development in general, but when it comes to Data Science - it's mostly course projects at Coursera courses and some kaggle competitions. I am new to most of technologies used on this project (Django, Vue.js, TypeScript), but I am good at learning and googling :-P

What got you interested in this Concept to Clinic project?

  • An opportunity to contribute to something that really matters on a global scale.
  • Getting hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology stack.
  • Tasks you implement and code you write will (mostly) be useful, no matter what is your position on the leaderboard, unlike it's with a vast majority of other online competitions.
  • A chance to get a prize even if you are not at the top of the global leaderboard.

How have you approached making positive contributions?

I really like the idea of the project, so I am trying my best and not giving up when something is not going smoothly. For example, I had trouble running Docker containers on my Windows 7 machine, but at the end I solved the issue and created a batch of useful scripts that makes development easier.

Do you have any advice for people who are thinking about contributing?

Do it :)

If you face issues - don't be shy to ask for help on Github, or ping me on Gitter, I am glad to be helpful.

Do you have any thoughts or advice for the challenge organizers?

Keep it up! Honestly, I find this project the best challenge I ever took part in.

What do you hope to see from this project in the coming months?

I am looking forward to see this project helping doctors and patients all over the world.